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5 Reasons Seniors Should Retire in Yuma

A variety of senior living places are available across the length and breadth of the United States of America with plenty of options best suited to the needs and requirements of seniors. However, the seniors always wish to prefer a place that offers them something they might have missed enjoying earlier.

Moreover, they also want to make sure that the senior living they are looking at must offer what they need the most as they are aging. The list of must-have things at any given senior living accommodation may be long and endless. But it should be remembered that every individual has their own kind of needs and requirements.

It can begin with the most basic needs like food, accommodation, senior community, places for exercise, gardening, relaxing, yoga, friendly neighborhood, etc., to name a few.

However, of all the needs and requirements, these are the 5 reasons, perhaps many would agree at them being non-negotiable, a senior living either must have or offers to its valued clients.

Guinness World Records for Sunniest City on Eart

Of all the places offering senior living in the US, Yuma in Arizona is best suited for senior living as the city holds the Guinness World Records for being the Sunniest City on Earth, which simply means the place offers sunshine and warm weather at least 91 per cent of the year. And an extended Sun time is a must for the seniors as it helps them keep warm and relatively more active.

According to a report, Yuma is a preferred destination for 70,000 to 85,000 out-of-state visitors, who make Yuma their winter residence. By virtue of being the Sunniest City on Earth, another candid feather in its cap, the seniors get more Sunshine, which has more warming, healing and overall health benefits. And this makes River’s Edge – Assisted Living one of the most sought-after senior living for it is located at one of the most strategic locations in Yuma offering the best sunshine, especially in winter, when people need it the most.

Favorable Climate:

The other key factor that matters the most for seniors is the climate of the area they live in. The climatic condition in Yuma is mostly dry, offering maximum sunshine throughout the year with the least amount of humid conditions. Blend it with the lowest frequency of precipitation, together with the highest number of dry days per year (approximately 175 days), and a daily maximum temperature of 90°F (32°C) or above is what makes it one of the most suitable places for seniors. This ensures that seniors do not have to face extremely cold conditions, which is definitely detrimental for seniors.

Yuma’s Only ALTCS Community

Situated in close proximity to civic and utility services, River’s Edge is the only Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS) Community in Yuma city, Arizona. The ALTCS certification further emphasizes the kind of commitment and dedication it pays while serving the seniors at its Assisted Living. The ALTCS is health insurance for individuals who are age 65 or older, who have a disability, and who require a nursing facility level of care. Services may be provided in an institution or in a home or community-based setting. The ALTCS not only ensures the seniors all the care, and attention but also the safety and security and peace of mind that they are in the right place.

Arts and Culture:

A comfortable and safe senior living may not be enough as the seniors, like most others, like to explore and learn about places, people and things. As human beings by their innate nature are curious to know the arts and culture of the palace. And so is the case with most seniors. And Yuma does not disappoint in this as the place has plenty to offer to its residents. Some of the most sought-after and historic places in Yuma are Yuma Territorial Prison, the Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park (erstwhile Yuma Crossing Historic Park) and a historic downtown area. One can take a good exploratory troll through these places and revisit their history of the place. Besides, the Kofa Mountain Range and wildlife refuge, Martinez and Mittry Lakes, and the Algodones Dunes are the other nearby places to visit.

The Rialto movie theatre once owned a Kilgen pipe, which was one of the most expensive pipe organs to have been made, originally played in silent films, which is now at the Yuma Theatre. Every February residents and visitors enjoy the annual rodeo - Yuma Jaycees Silver Spur Rodeo) which opens with a parade. Moreover, Yuma also holds its annual fair at the fairground, which is a must-visit event for the Yuma community. Collectively all these arts and cultural heritage make the days of the seniors living in Yuma.

The Colorado River

A visit to the banks of quaint and tranquil environs (interspersed with chirping birds) around an ever-flowing river always give a comprehensive and long-lasting shooting impact on the people. It leaves a lasting impression on the mind and body. The Colorado River running along the north and west side of town allow the Yuma community to live those moments while taking their routine of otherwise morning or evening walk along the banks. Moreover, the melody of the water currents leaves one (someone who is at peace) stunned.

In light of the above-discussed aspects essential for senior living, River’s Edge – Assisted Living comes closest to it as it is not only located strategically but also offers things that seniors need the most. For better and in-depth knowledge and information, please visit and find all the answers you might be looking for before you take your call to head for your ideal senior living in Arizona (in general) or in Yuma (in particular).


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