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Assisted Living related Q&A FAQ | Rivers Edge Yuma

Don't know where to start when it comes to senior living? We've got the answers!

How do you deal with elderly parents who refuse care and assisted living ?

What to do when elderly parents refuse care and assisted living is one of the most difficult issues that families confront. Sometimes it's because the parent doesn't want to leave their house, but more often than not, it's because they're terrified of being in a nursing home or don't want to be a burden on their children. There are a few things you can do to persuade them to look after themselves.

First, you should sit down with your parents and have an open discussion about why you believe they require further assistance. Explain that you are not attempting to force them to do anything, but that you believe it would be best for them if they received some support. If they continue to reject, inform them that you are willing to assist them as much as possible, but that they will eventually have to make a decision regarding their future. But first, attempt to comprehend what they truly require and their point of view. After that, gradually educate them on what you believe is best for them.

Make them speak with a friend or family who is already in an assisted living facility. They may assist elders in correctly understanding the facilities and how they might transition into new beginnings. The presence of a friend who listens can help your loved one to feel better. An outside professional, such as a physician or a spiritual leader, can also help.

You may also arrange for a tour to these facilities, which will assist parents understand how such a facility works. What are the different activities that are held for the seniors.

Often elders consider assisted living to be a step backward, yet good assisted living facilities provide thriving social networks, freedom, peace of mind, and more time for enjoyment. Remind your elderly loved one of these benefits and how living this way might enrich their lives.

What are things you must know before moving your parents in Assisted Living

Are you up for the task of relocating your parents to assisted living? The transition into assisted living is a significant step for both your parents and you.

  • Before relocating your parents into an assisted living community, make sure you understand the sort of care they require and their rights. First decide what type of care your parents need. There are specific care plans for the amount of assistance they need. Make sure you have a clear plan for care.

  • You should also investigate the community to ensure that it is a suitable fit for them and that the care they get is sufficient. Meet with the assisted living facility and get a sense of their services and prices.

  • When looking for senior living choices, cost may be the most important determining factor. Determine how much your family can afford each month and look for assisted living places that fit your budget. Along with that also arrange for appropriate insurance coverage.

  • Be prepared to handle any emotional challenges that come your way.


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