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Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Senior Spaces

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Senior Spaces

You don’t have to minimise your Christmas spirit just because you live in a tiny place. The holidays are a great time to make social contacts and reminisce about previous holidays. There are no restrictions on how you can exhibit your Christmas enthusiasm in your apartment or new senior community quarters. Many of these concepts can also be used for other holidays and observances.

Consider putting objects around your apartment that make you feel connected to family and friends throughout this holiday season: Holiday decorations displayed in a bowl, photos of friends and family from previous Christmas events that have been framed, holiday greeting cards and books you’ve accumulated throughout time, your children’s new-born shoes or other sentimental objects you’ve saved. Here are a few ideas for transforming any area for the holidays.

Decorate with balloons

You can have Christmas and holiday themed balloons in the space. You can even make a fun balloon throw game out of hand swatters.

Decorating Kits

Using Christmas decoration kits, you can convert your senior facility into a festive experience that seniors will never forget! Hang word whirls from the ceiling and decorate the atmosphere with festive accessories.

Grab a little Christmas tree

A tiny tree is an excellent choice for a tiny room. Set it on an end table or dresser and decorate it with your favourite vintage decorations. You could also use a houseplant instead of a miniature tree to decorate your space!

Spruce up your front door

Hang a dazzling tinsel garland or an artificial pine garland around your entrance to create an inviting atmosphere. This may even be used to hang and show the Christmas cards you receive around this time of year!

Strings of Holiday Light

Strings of glittering lights in typical white and blue colours may be used to decorate your front door or the inside of your residence. Consider purchasing strings of lights with individual lights covered by shapes like dreidels and the Star of David. Consider buying string lights with a modest, battery-powered power supply for your front entrance.

Decorate with familiar holiday sounds

To complement your Christmas decor, play holiday music in your room. A wind-up Santa, an ornament, a teddy bear that plays a Christmas melody, or a battery-operated musical holiday decoration, may all add to the ambiance of your small apartment home. Sing a favourite Christmas carol or invite your friends to join you in the singing.

Transform Table Space

Allow side tables to play a role in small-space decoration by adorning them with a forest of joyful paper trees. Each one is decorated with patterned paper and has a beautiful star on top. The best part is that they conceal tiny packages of candy for your Christmas guests.

Deck Your Apartment’s Front Door

Decorating your apartment’s front door is a nice way to demonstrate your festive side to others and to help get you in the holiday mood as you come and go.

A) Attach a “Happy New Year” greeting to your front door.

B) Tie holly or mistletoe stems together.

C) Wrap your door in gift wrap to make it appear as if it were a present.

D) Display a wreath

E) Mount one or two Christmas stockings.

F) Install a holiday-themed mural on your front door.

G) Wrap a garland of evergreens around the doorframe.

H) String lights powered by a tiny battery pack are strung around the frame.

I) Tape old or new Christmas greeting cards to your door.


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