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As COVID 19 crisis is still upon the people all over the world, the season for flu has also arrived. Today in this article we are going to discuss some of the points about what older adults can do in order to protect themselves from these seasonal sickness like flu.

It has been seen from past many years that people of aged and over 65 years of are at a higher risk of developing complications from flu compared to the younger lot. Although everyone wants to be flu & cold free but this risk to Aged is obviously due to a compromised immune system with increasing age.

Symptoms of Flu includes fever, sore throat, cough, running nose, chills, head & body ache and fatigue among others. People suffering from flu can also have diarrhoea & vomiting as well as experience respiratory issues without having fever.The symptoms typically improve within a week and people recover without much complications but in older adults it turns out to be dangerous sometimes. Therefore, its better to feel safe than to be sorry later.

The most effective way to protect oneself against flu is by taking shots of flu vaccine. Flu Vaccines are dead viruses with its DNA removed and works by training our body’s immune system. It is especially important for people above the age of 65 or Aged Person because they are at a greater probability of complications due to flu. The vaccines get updated each season with changing viruses therefore an annual vaccine is the need of the hour to ensure protection from flu.

It takes almost 2 weeks for a vaccine to be effective. Even if one gets affected with flu after taking the shot, the vaccine helps in reducing the time and severity of the illness. There are different categories of flu shots depending upon the dose. High dose flu vaccine contains 4 times of the amount of antigen than a regular flu shot. These antigens are inactive viruses who helps in promoting the immune system in the body.

Several results have shown that these are more effective for Influenza than the regular standard shots of vaccine.

There are certain side effects of vaccines including soreness, redness, itchiness and swelling where the shot has been taken. One can also go through mild fever after taking the vaccine.

Probiotics are taken by millions of people all over America in order to improve their digestive system and health. It also helps in protecting from Influenza virus.

In addition to flu shots, it is vital to remember to enjoy life stress free & stay calm. This will help in strengthening the immune system as well as life in general. Aged Group should inculcate good health habits in order to avoid being sick. Getting plenty of sleep, drinking plenty of water, being physically active, managing the stress and eating nutritious food

COVID-19 has already taught everyone to wash their hands at regular intervals, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth and maintain distance from people who seem unwell. They should keep themselves away from people who are coughing and are sickThe flu virus travels through air therefore one should ensure not only to keep washing hands regularly but also take an effort in not touching nose, eyes or mouth without a freshly washed hand. Wash your hands with soap and warm water and rub them together for minimum of 20 seconds. Rinse them well and pat dry with a towel.

Some of the other points to consider are :

Clean surrounding – Disinfecting the surfaces that we touch including our phones, door handles, laptops or counter tops.

Being Prepared – To be prepared for different seasons with necessary things stocked in home (NO OVERSTOCKING yet keeping right amount of essentials in pantry)

Health is wealth – A strong immune system helps the body in fighting infections & diseases therefore its important to strengthen one’s immune system. A good sleep, regular physical exercise and a healthy nutrition rich diet helps in maintaining a healthy body & a strong immune system.

Inculcating good hobbies – A great way to maintain a healthy mental health is doing something one loves. Adopting a hobby like Gardening is one way to go. Being involved in a hobby gives a lot of internal happiness and mental piece which in turn is good for mental health.


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