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How Can Aged shop during COVID-19?

How Can Aged shop during COVID-19?

Aged care shop during COVID-19

Corona Virus Pandemic has taken over our world like never seen before. There is no place or person left unaffected. The disease is so easily contractible makes it really difficult to remain safe and especially for people with compromised immunity.

Aged care at a greater risk for this virus because of a weaker immune system and any underlying complication makes it more dangerous. They need their medication, essential groceries, and doing that avoiding gathering is a big task now. Entering a supermarket is like going to a battleground now. So, here is some of the important information, one needs to know that would be helpful in essentials shopping for Aged.

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1. Sanitize all the way.

This Pandemic has shown us that the only way to keep ourselves safe is to stay hygienic, disinfected, and keeps on sanitizing. Whenever anyone is going out, Please ensure that they have their masks & gloves on. Wearing a PPE kit is an additional safety measure which is strongly advised. While out, it is important to remember not to touch one’s face, eyes, masks any commonly touched surface. Frequent hand wash after coming back and quick alcohol-based sanitation of hands as and when needed should be done.

2. Go Online.

Even though we have already made our way to life online with getting everything via the internet, it becomes the need of the hour now. Avoid going out as much as possible. Whenever you get a slot, or if not getting then if you can please wait for one and get your essentials delivered to your home opt for a contactless delivery. It is much preferred than putting yourself out in danger. Social Distancing is the way to go and you can very well maintain that following this way.

If in any case, you need to go out, there are several stores giving the option of contactless pickup. Look for those places where you just need to place your order online go to the store and the staff will put all your stuff in the back of your car with limited interaction. Always remember, either way, when you get the things from a store, do not forget to sanitize yourself, sanitize the order, let it be in isolation for few hours or preferably a day and then start using it.

3. Choose Senior Hours

Lot of different stores are providing this option of Special hours at least in a week. Some of them even have few designated hours every day for Aged and people with compromised immunity. Aged can utilize this facility and shop when without worrying about a larger crowd or social distancing.

4. Go Digital

Always opt for digital payment during our shopping. Avoid cash as much as possible. Paying using your card or any other digital form helps to avoid any kind of physical contact.

5. Avoid going out regularly.

We know that we have to avoid any gathering as much as possible and going out only when it is very urgent would be the first step towards that. Make a list of things that are needed beforehand and get all of them at one go. One should not hoard but can store basic essentials in advance which do not have a fear of getting spoiled.

Be Careful & Stay Safe. We are in this together and we will get over this together (while maintaining social distancing 😉 )


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