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Keep Driving Skills Sharp: Safety Tips for Older Drivers

Updated: May 30, 2022

As people age, their reflexes and ability to think are sometimes impacted. This means that the elderly may not be as aware of their surroundings as they used to be, which can lead to accidents.

In order to help older drivers, stay safe on the roads, here are some tips:

I. Schedule elderly’s regular visits to the optometrist and audiologist for ear and vision check-ups, and follow these professionals' instructions for wearing recommended eyeglasses and hearing aids.

II. Check traffic conditions before heading out. Know the route you're taking and plan for possible delays.

III. The busier streets and highways in your region might be more difficult to handle. Try out adjoining routes or find a re-fresher course or lesson.

IV. Heavy rains, wind, and snow make it difficult to drive safely, so consider postponing your trip if at all possible.

V. Aim to turn off unnecessary sounds on radio, fan and ask fellow passenger to avoid talking during the journey.

VI. Whenever possible, try to keep away from peak traffic periods.

VII. Create proper maintenance schedules for all your windows. Clear out and dirt the inside of the windows, too.

VIII. Older drivers metabolize alcohol differently than younger individuals, with even a single glass of wine, cocktail, or shot of alcohol making some older drivers risky on the roads.

IX. Try not to drive assuming you are worn out and keep away from extended periods of persistent driving

X. Position your seat and backrest for maximum comfort, which will keep your body healthy and strengthen your vision.

XI. If you've been prescribed medicine, confirm it is safe to drive while taking them.

XII. Apply gentle stretches to your neck and upper back so you can easily look from side to side when backing up, turning, etc.

XIII. Wearing a seatbelt significantly reduces the risk of being injured or killed in a car accident. So, the elderly must wear a seatbelt without fail.

XIV. Those with poor night vision may find driving more difficult during the night or during dawn even when using glasses. So, the elderly should avoid driving at night if they are not confident.


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