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Live the Golden Years with Bliss at River’s Edge Yuma

Aging is an irreversible phenomenon for human beings. After birth, one passes through various phases of life after birth, be it infancy, childhood, or amateur to mature human before entering into the senior years.

With all these life phases every human being turns into an invaluable bank of varied experiences, life skills and teachings of humankind. These ones people often utilize throughout the journey of their life as long as they are active members amidst the socio-political-cultural setup of the society. And it makes them worthy enough to be a valuable member of the social fabric, with one or the other kind of productive value to the society.

And as soon as one enters the senior years after retirement, somehow society does not care too much about them, who has been an invaluable cog in the social machinery. And the same people, who have been championing the various aspects of life and social fabric, seem to have suddenly lost their usefulness. Simply because they are retired now.

But the moot question remains there, how a person with a wealth of varied knowledge and life experiences suddenly becomes not so worthy enough? How about asking about their way of living post-retirement?

However, no one seems to care about these questions, seemingly not so important, but perhaps the most important ones. And that is where River’s Edge – Assisted Living (located in Yuma, Arizona state of the US) comes into the picture as a perfect place for senior citizens. As seniors often grapple with the question, what to do after retirement? The answer to them is like spending most of their time with family members, resting and doing mundane stuff, which is obviously not a very lucrative thing to do for someone who has been an active member of a societal setup. And also, it has been observed that seniors are considered not very active members in the family setup as well. And situations like this often lead to various complications for people post-retirement.

However, River’s Edge – Assisted Living facility, located in the sunniest city (Yuma) in the world, comes as a place where the seniors live their life to the fullest with the possibility of engaging in the majority of activities they have been doing in their routine life. And the most important of them all is the fact that they are having control of their life with the majority of decisions being taken by them. And once again they feel like having better control of their life.

The activities like engaging with the community people, getting out to the indoor and / or outdoor activities, engaging with social and creative activities, sharing their life learning with the community. Besides, sharing valuable and professional learnings with the people and community around is what gives them the purpose of life as it makes them feel more connected with the society and command belongingness.

Moreover, feeling lonesome is the most destructive force as one passes through the senior years that River’s Edge understands pretty well, courtesy the number of years behind rendering services of assisted living to senior citizens. And that is how River’s Edge applies its past experiences, in best possible ways, but new learnings from successfully countering the fresh challenges and difficulties as and when it occurs.

One of the most striking aspects of living at the River’s Edge’s Assisted Living is the sticking to a monthly activity calendar, which is prepared well in advance and is well in line with the needs and requirements of the seniors living at the facility. The opinion, suggestions and inputs offered by the seniors play a pivotal role while preparing the activity calendar as it gives them a sense of belongingness and looking forward to doing activities (on and above the routine) which they like doing and not otherwise. And that’s where River’s Edge actually scores comprehensively better than its peers in the segment.

The activity calendar is obviously a crucial factor in giving senior living an edge at the River’s Edge. However, the services it renders at the senior living facility are as follows:

  • Dedicated and Caring Staff

  • Spacious joint or private apartments as per the need

  • Wholesome Dining Program with Food like Home cooked meals (Customized Food based on specific diet requirements). Meal three times a day alongside snacks.

  • 24-hour staffing

  • Emergency call System in every apartment

  • CPR Basic First Aid

  • Medication management

  • Housekeeping and Laundry Services

  • Satellite TV, individual climate control and other utilities

  • Optional medical providers are available for onsite care and medical check-ups

  • Available home health services like Physical Therapy, Nursing Care, Occupational Therapy and hospice services through our local partners

In the light of things discussed above and, if, you (either for yourself or for your senior family members/s) are looking for one of the most preferable and suitable facilities in Arizona, and especially in Yuma, please visit RiversEdgeyuma once before you decide. Located in one of the prime locations in Yuma with the best civic services & amenities and the sunniest neighborhood, River’s Edge – Assisted Living shall be your ideal destination.


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