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Motivating, Interesting Activities for the Elderly

Aging gracefully is what every elderly aspires for as he/she enters into their second innings of life post superannuation. It is a harsh reality for all whether it's personal or professional life, suddenly someone who was championing the family and work life becomes not so important as soon as he/she retires from work.

Often it has been observed, the very people who mattered the most in various domains of daily life -- be it personal, family, community and professional – became redundant for the people all around him/her. And the ones who face it feel not so worthy anymore. And all these developments around them hurt them the most in more ways than one, at times resulting in damaging their spirit and negatively impacting their physical and mental health.

However, as the saying goes, it’s never too late to start something new and keep going on. What can be most blissful and rewarding for these senior citizens or elders is to engage in activities which are not only stimulating, engaging and rewarding but also filled with joys of life and happiness of senior years ahead of them.

As per their age, tenacity and their physiological status, they can be engaged into a host of activities ranging from games, mild exercises, self-gratifying activities, community events and activities and so on. There’s a range of ideas that cater to a range of physical abilities and mental capacities, so you can engage your elderly loved one in as many ways as possible.

These activities help in elderly to not only maintain the lucid and somewhat dynamic lifestyle they were used to. These activities as part of the daily, weekly or monthly routine keep them in good shape and help in:

· Keep their minds free from impacts of agitation and depression

· Help maintain good motor skills

· Feels self-reliant and self-dependent

· Establish a sense of ownership and independence

· Greater sense of accomplishment

· Helps in maintaining emotional connection and self-expression

· Better sense of life even after superannuation

· Not to look to other for the daily routine life

There are scores of activities that can be taken up to impart a better sense of living on their own terms. And going by the age factor of the elderly these activities – Reading & Writing, Higher Learning, Community Service, Cooking & Baking, Volunteering, Music and Dancing, Pet Therapy, Pampering, Gardening, Crafting, Walking & Exercising -- can be incorporated in their routine as per their liking.

The list of activities indicated above is neither exclusive nor exhaustive as various other activities can be lined up in consultations with the elders as per their liking. Moreover, certain activities can be customized as well to allow seniors/elders to impart a better sense of belonging and self-realization into.

Reading & Writing help one to keep their book, newspaper and magazine reading interest intact and in fact growing further as they have more time available to them. The increased reading time also allows them to go for Higher Learning in their life as per their interest. This gives them a heightened sense of achievement as they are still chasing their yesteryear dream complete if it was left unaccomplished.

The engagement in the neighbourhood Community Services expose them to people around with more sense of belonging and still valuable in whatever way it’s possible. Cooking & Baking allow them to use their culinary skills not only to prepare the food they like to eat but also treat others with their favorite cuisines. This goes a long way help elders maintain a healthy well-being as good food is directly proportional to a good health and there cannot better and healthy food than the one cooked by oneself.

Volunteering can be very rewarding as it will help elderly to not only be active but also effectively deliver on the aspects they have mastery over as a working professional. Music and Dancing are considered as one of the most dynamic activities which keep individuals in their best mental and physical shape. If singing and listening to songs liberates one of the mental barriers and transcends one to a different level of happiness then dancing helps maintain bodily flexibility. And it allows one to be in the best of mental and physical shape and relatively ready for little more demanding physical activity lifting the morale of the elderly.

Activities like Pet Therapy, Pampering, Gardening, Crafting and Walking & Exercising, among others can be very rewarding for the elders allowing them to live fulfilling lives. The animals have a very special bonding with seniors and help in brightening their life. Papering goes a long way in treating the elderly to some much-needed self-care. With facilities like a salon, barber or spa, they can enjoy haircuts, coloring, styling, manicures, skin treatments and massages. These help them enjoy a greater sense of gratification.

The activities like Gardening, Crafting and Walking & Exercising allow them to walk around the places they live and better connect with the flora, fauna and people in their neighborhoods. These also necessitate them to walk, meaning a good mild cardiovascular activity resulting in maintaining sound health.

And when it comes to facilitating these activities to the elders and senior citizens, River’s Edge – Assisted Living leaves no stone unturned to serve its seniors. For better and in-depth knowledge and information, please visit and find all the answers you might be looking for before you take your call to head for your ideal senior living in Arizona (in general) or in Yuma (in particular).


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