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Old Age Home: An Inevitability or Senior Living Simplified!

A report says 20% of US population shall be availing Senior Care facilities by 2050

It is estimated that by 20250, 20 per cent of the US population will be over 65 years or older, says a statistical report by a US-based market and consumer data research firm. According to the market research firm Statista, aging is fast catching up with the US population. According to the report prepared in the year, 2021, 15.6 per cent US population was over 65 years of age and in the next three decades, the aging will touch 20 per cent as the current rate of growth.

And looking at the rate of aging people, there will be a need for an increasing number of places to accommodate or facilitate assisted living for seniors. According to statistical data compiled by National Senior Campuses (a not-for-profit and non-government senior living organization) in the year 2019, the United States has over 21,000 senior living units across the country. However, looking at the estimated 20 per cent of the US population becoming seniors, an increasing number of units will be required.

In light of the given scenario, housing for seniors has a huge potential. However, besides housing, there are other pressing issues like personal and medical care for seniors present a huge potential for growth in the coming years. Of all the help seniors need in the US, 7 per cent of them depended on others for personal care. And this is based on the comprehensive data, researched and compiled for over 20 years (between 1997 to 2018) by Statista. This is going to go northward in the coming years if the trend from the data set is taken into consideration.

Realizing the current as well as the immediate future needs for senior living houses and campuses, besides other value-added services to the aging seniors, a host of housing and real-estate organizations have established senior living communities all across the country. These facilities and campuses are developed keeping various factors in mind, like environmental factors, socio-cultural, ease of transportation, regional climatic conditions (extreme heat and cold, etc.), proximity to various other civic services and facilities, besides markets and such, among others.

River’s Edge – Assisted Living in Yuma (Arizona) is one among the plethora of senior living campuses in the US and striking the right chord when it comes to providing care, warmth and all-encompassing services to seniors. Moreover, what goes in favor of the River’s Edge facility is its location, which is strategically placed in proximity to major civic and community services. And the icing on the cake is the fact that Yuma gets 90 per cent Sunshine in the winter seasons. That makes it a perfect place for seniors as they need more Sunlight to keep themselves warm as with age winter does not go well with them. Besides, Yuma holds the world record of being the sunniest places in the US, especially in the winters.

It has been observed that the seniors require more intensive care, and River’s Edge leaves no stone unturned when it comes to serving the best of the services to its senior residents. And accordingly, its nursing care facilities, with 24-hour medical attention, are always up and ready to address any such need.

Some of the factors that can be highlighted are:

  • Dedicated and Caring Staff

  • Spacious joint or private apartments as per the need

  • Wholesome Dining Program with Food like Home cooked meals (Customized Food based on specific diet requirements). Meal three times a day alongside snacks

  • 24-hour staffing

  • Emergency call System in every apartment

  • CPR Basic First Aid

  • Medication management

  • Housekeeping and Laundry Services

  • Satellite TV, individual climate control and other utilities

  • Optional medical providers are available for onsite care and medical checkups

  • Available home health services like Physical Therapy, Nursing Care, Occupational Therapy and hospice services through our local partners

As the global pandemic Covid-19 started spreading havoc from the beginning of 2020 through 2021 and a couple of months in 2022 as well, the senior housing care sector was adversely impacted. And resulted in an escalation of introducing additional measures for seniors (prone to age-related complications) to contain the spread of the virus, as well as an increase in vacancies.

According to a report by Statista, in the first quarter of 2020 about 27 per cent of senior housing services were majority nursing care, while 26 percent were assisted living. However, the majority of Americans do not wish to go and live in the senior living facility by leaving their familiar surroundings. Another recent study by Statista says that 70 per cent of the senior (when they reach 80) population would love to stay in the city they dwell in, rather than go and live in senior living somewhere else.

However, if you look at the study, it somewhat says that the remaining 30 per cent would like to spend time in senior living. And if the study presented right in the beginning has anything to go by, it says 20 per cent senior population will be living out of senior living facilities by 2050.

It can be summarily said that senior living is going to be a big factor in the coming time, as it cannot be completely avoided. And, therefore, it is very essential to understand its importance. It can be safely said that senior living facilities are inevitable, however, the thing is how they can be made more simplified for the sake of seniors. And that’s exactly what the housing and care facility coming together to make senior living a simplified living that cares for them.

And River’s Edge – Assisted Living is striking the right balance of aspects expected at a senior living facility. So, if you are in need of a senior or an assisted living facility in the most preferred location, look out for River’s Edge facility in Yuma, Arizona. For better and in-depth knowledge and information, please visit and find all the answers you might be looking for before you take your call to head for your ideal senior living in Arizona (in general) or in Yuma (in particular).


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