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Questions to Ask Assisted Living Communities

Frequently Asked Questions about Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS)

Pricing Inquiry Questions

1) How do you calculate the base rate?

2) What is included in the base rate?

3) Can I pay for extra services?

4) Is there a refundable security deposit or an entry fee?

5) Is there a pet fee?

6) What kind of financial aid do you accept?

7) What additional level of care is available, and how much does it cost?

Safety-Related Questions

1) Where is the inspection report from the state regulatory agency?

2) What is the strategy in the event of a weather emergency or other comparable safety threat?

3) How frequently do you do safety drills?

4) What precautions are taken to guarantee that my parent is evacuated in the event of a fire if she is unable to exit the premises on her own?

5) What kinds of safety measures and services are offered at each level of care?

6) How long does it take to resolve a safety, quality-of-care, or maintenance concern that has been reported?

7) Is your living community the recipient of any safety awards?

8) Is there a sprinkler system and smoke detectors in every part of the living community?

9) Have all employees been thoroughly vetted? Can I put my faith in the staff?

Is there a safety plan in place if my parent becomes lost and goes off?

Assisted Living Questions Pertaining to Residential Life

1) Is there a pet policy?

2) Are the apartments furnished or unfurnished?

3) What is the policy on visitors?

4) Where can I find WIFI? Or are there computers available for residents to use?

5) What type of activities occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?

6) What kind of meals are served to residents? If necessary, may meals be brought straight to their apartment?

7) Who will be the primary caregivers for my loved one?

Questions to Ask About the Staff

1) How is the patient/staff ratio distributed, and how is it calculated?

2) Do you do background checks on your employees?

3) What degree of education is expected of employees?

4) What kind of training is required?

5) Are there any experts on-site?

Questions to Ask About the Dining Program

1) How many meals will one receive each day, and when will those meals be served?

2) Are you able to meet a variety of dietary requirements?

3) How frequently do you alter the menu?

4) Can we sample the cuisine before making a decision?

5) Will my loved one be allowed to eat whenever they want in their apartment?

Questions to Ask About Activities

1) What kinds of activities would one be able to participate in on a daily basis?

2) Do you hold community-wide activities to encourage people to socialise?

3) Is there a schedule of events available for to view? How frequently is it updated?

4) Is it possible for individuals with less mobility concerns to go on off-site outings to area attractions?

Do you have community animals or therapeutic animals that you bring in on a regular basis?

Questions to Ask About Long-Term Care

1) What kinds of care do you offer?

2) Do you have memory care or advanced care units so that I do not have to relocate my loved one?

3) Is there on-site physical therapy? How much does it cost, if so?

4) Is your housing complex designed to accommodate evolving mobility demands, or we need to relocate?

5) How do you determine a resident’s need for care, especially when circumstances change over time?

Questions to Ask About the Community

1) How long do residents stay, and how high is the turnover?

2) Where are residents allowed to go in the neighbourhood?

3) Do you have any outside areas or communal places?

4) Are there any pets or therapeutic animals in the neighbourhood?

5) How do you assist residents in following their interests?

Questions to Ask About Medical Care

1) How often do you have a doctor or a nurse on staff?

2) How do you keep track of each patient’s medication schedule?

3) Is self-medication ever permitted, or is everything delivered by a caregiver?

4) How do you manage medical crises, and how soon will you contact us if there is a problem?

5) When and how often do medical professionals visit the community?

6) Will you make arrangements for off-site physicians’ transportation?


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