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River's Edge All Set for Yard Sale on February 10

River’s Edge - Assisted Living -- located in one of the most sought-after senior living community destinations in Yuma, Arizona – is all set to join the bad-wagon of Yard Sale, which is very popular across the US, in the new year.

The day-long Community Yard Sale – also referred as Garage Sale, Rummage Sale, Tag Sale, Jumble Sale – is happening on February 10, (Friday) 2023 in the first half of the day i.e, 8:00am 01:00pm. All the proceeds from the yard sale will be donated to the community for charity work.

Yard Sale is something people across the United States are always up for as it allows them to buy or get something they want at a very reasonable rate, which otherwise burns a hole in their pocket. Moreover, it allows the seller to let go of the things they don’t want to use anymore or laying idle at an affordable price to someone who actually needs it.

And River’s Edge is always about ‘what we can give back to society?’. That is where it decided to offer its community living yard to open for the Yard Sale, allowing people, living in there as well as in their neighbourhood, to have a stall with their stuff during the first half of the day on February 10 and help people to sell and buy.

So, all the prospective buyers and sellers buckle up, be ready and maximize your chances to gain most from the upcoming Yard Sale, in and around the senior living community in Yuma, Arizona. A place having the distinction of ‘Guinness World Records’ for securing the sunniest city in this part of the world.

So, what are you waiting for! Sellers go grab your favorite spot before someone else takes it. And buyers, make sure you make it as early as possible to lay your hands on those you were looking for something with twinkling eyes.

It should be noted that River’s Edge is a community senior living which offers a rare opportunity to seniors. Especially, the superannuating citizen, who enters into the second innings of life after dedicating prime years of life to work and family, expects decent senior citizenship with peace of mind and tranquil life. No more hustling life between challenging work life and ‘always on the toe’ family life with its own responsibilities and demands in a sought-after neighbourhood. Rather they wish to enjoy each and every moment of life, thereafter. No more hurrying up to make it to the office in time, rather take your sweet time to do the things one wishes to do as per your choice and priority without bothering about any deadline pressure.

And especially, when one has lived his/her life on their own terms since entering into their adulthood, graduating through college/universities, championing work-life balance and happily sliding to senior years, one definitely needs an all-encompassing and satisfying life full of bliss and time to self.

That is exactly where senior River's Edge – Assisted Living comes into the picture. Situated in close proximity to civic and utility services, River’s Edge is the only Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) Community in Yuma city, Arizona. The ALTCS certification further emphasizes the kind of commitment and dedication it pays while serving the seniors at its Assisted Living centers. Yuma being the record holder for being the sunniest city in the world is another candid feather in its cap as the seniors need more Sunshine as it has more warming, healing and overall health benefits.


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