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Senior Assisted Living Apartments: A smooth transition to a relaxed life

Senior Assisted Living Apartments: A smooth transition to a relaxed life

Apartments specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of older adults falls under Senior Living Apartments. These are kind of apartments or townhouses within a community which are designed in a specific way and has all the needs for an Older adult planning to reside in it.

Many seniors after reaching a point in their life need assistance for some of the daily chores they do and being independent otherwise. They would want to do less and rest more and deservingly so. Also traditional homes with stairs , super high cabinets makes it difficult for them to live comfortably. For these kind of scenarios Senior living apartments are one of the viable option.

How does a senior qualify for assisted living? There some of the clear signs in older adults that indicates the need for assisted living. As one grows older, there comes a time when things are no longer smoothly managed by the loved ones. Simple chores becomes a difficult task to complete and the memory starts playing tricks. Worsened medical conditions, difficulty in managing finances, poor diet and isolation and some of the major issues that comes with older age.

The metabolism slows down and the body become prone to more medical conditions. That’s when senior assisted living communities comes into the Picture. They can provide personalised love, support and care without burning a big hole in the pocket.

Let’s look at some of the perks of living in a Senior living Apartment :

1) Assistance providing Convenience.

Smaller jobs like your medicine management, bathing, eating, dressing or financial assistance are provided therefore life becomes more convenient for seniors where they do not have to worry about these things anymore. Housekeeping, Transportation, Medical facility and amenities are taken care off by Senior assisted living community staff. Help & assistance is needed as and when necessary and otherwise complete independence to do anything they want.

2) Cost Savings in a way

Senior assisted living cost becomes a big question when there is a plan to move to these communities. The Pricing & cost actually gets broken down into the rent and the services needed. It also depends on the locality and location of the community. When compared to own home, senior living apartments require lesser maintenance and could lower cost of payment as per your requirement.

Most of the maintenance is taken care by the apartment-providing community. Also when you sell up your house to move to senior living apartments, it frees up some amount that can be used mindfully. There are Long Term care Insurance coverage which helps in paying up for the facility. Also, some states provide some community & home-based waivers on the fee which can really be helpful for low-income seniors to be able to afford assisted living.

3) Like-Minded people around

Senior Assisted living homes are large communities that provide the best of both worlds. You can live in a Senior Assisted living Apartment having your own private residence & life and on the other hand, your friends and neighbours would be just a walk away whenever you feel like socializing. It is like living around friends yet having your alone time (The best!!)

Senior assisted living homes

Senior living homes are a great place to be for older adults. They facilitate personalized food, medical care, physical activities, and different programs based on personal preference. There are a lot of Senior assisted living activities also that are organized by the community to keep the ground involved and fun. Fun games, weekend picnics, movie shows or travel to a historical site are some of them, This enables the seniors to live their life wholesomely surrounded by friends and well-wishers.

Assisted living homes provide seniors quality of life by creating a familiar social environment for them to be involved. Choosing these homes at the right time delays/ prevents the need of a nursing home for when seniors needs 24*7 assistance. Since they would be taken care by skilled professionals a little earlier in their life in a assisted living community, their medical history would be examined continuously and any thing serious can be avoided and taken care off at the right time.

Senior assisted living for low income

Finding a right community home can be a daunting task.Everyone with a limited earning would like to have a affordable senior housing yet with all the perks. Even though assisted living communities are a little on the expensive side there are some affordable housing available for lower income adults. Public housing is one of them. These are the type of houses that are large complexes operated by the city housing board. This type of housing facility is really an affordable option for lower income seniors where they can live in a familiar community without costing a bomb.

Theirs is another option of Virtual retirement community which is an unique way of providing assistance to seniors. Not actually a community if you see like that because the seniors here do not need to move from their own homes but can actually avail lower cost facilities of all senior living services like transport, housekeeping, internet etc.

Difference between senior housing and assisted living

Senior Housing communities are a type of Senior living facility where Seniors live independently & have access to all the facilities including clubs, sports movie theatre among others. The type of older adults choosing this living are relatively younger and healthier. They do not need a lot of assistance either medically or in any other chores.

They live on their own while being in the company of other seniors. Assisted living on the other hand is a type of facility where wide variety of assistance is provided based on the need. These are communities with seniors of generally 85 years or older in age needing limited support and care. They do not need 24*7 nursing facility or care but might need help with the daily chores like bathing, eating etc. Seniors live independently here too but in a little more facilitated environment where they can have care & help as and when they want.

The third kind is Nursing Homes which are generally made for seniors who are critically ill and need nursing assistance 24*7. These communities provides complex medical services and generally have seniors who are bedridden and not capable of doing anything on their own.


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