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Senior Living

Yuma enjoys a very beautiful surrounding for senior living. It comprises of affordable and economical housing facilities. Yuma is considered as the sunniest city on Earth. Transportation expenses are also very affordable in Yuma. This desert city is the driest and least humid in the United States. So, Yuma has a very pleasant climate all round the year.


Majority of the citizens in Yuma own their homes in the Fortuna Foothills neighborhood. It is considered as one of the best locations to reside in Yuma, Arizona. This community is both suburban and rural in feel. It’s a diversified area with best public schools. Families and retired people generally live in Fortuna Foothills This laid-back region is like Palm Springs yet without the higher price. It is only a 15-minute ride east over to Yuma in the event that you work in the downtown area.

Another exciting place to live in Arizona is Somerton. Somerton offers the perfect surrounding to senior living as the crime rate over there is very less. It is surrounded with parks and has places that have quite surrounding. Medical facilities are very easily accessible over there with many clinics and hospitals. Somerton residents enjoy different festivals all-round the year like corn fest, pet-palooza, and tamale festival.

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