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Senior Living at River's Edge in Yuma is Bliss

River’s Edge is the only Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS) Community in Yuma city, Arizona

- By Staff Writer

When a common citizen enters into the second innings of life his / her life post superannuation after dedicating his/her life to work and family for about 35-40 years, she/he expects decent senior citizenship with peace of mind and tranquil life. No more hustling life between challenging work life and ‘always on the toe’ family life with its own responsibilities and demands in a sought-after neighbourhood. Rather she/he wishes to enjoy each and every moment of life thereafter. No more hurrying up to make it to the office on time, rather take your sweet time to do the things one wishes to do as per your choice and priority without bothering about any deadline pressure.

And especially when one has lived his/her life on their own terms since entering into their adulthood, graduating through college/universities, championing work-life balance and happily sliding to senior years, one definitely needs an all-encompassing and satisfying life full of bliss and time to self.

Yuma’s Only ALTCS Community

That is exactly where senior River's Edge – Assisted Living comes into the picture. Situated in close proximity to civic and utility services, River’s Edge is the only Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) Community in Yuma city, Arizona. The ALTCS certification further emphasizes the kind of commitment and dedication it pays while serving the seniors at its Assisted Living centers. Yuma being the record holder for being the sunniest city in the world is another candid feather in its cap as the seniors need more Sunshine as it has more warming, healing and overall health benefits.

24 Hours Committed Support

Claiming to serve and actually translating the claim into the actual service are two different things. However, the Assisted Living for Senior Citizens at the River’s Edge is like a blissful life for the senior residents because of its dedicated commitment to serve its occupant round the clock no matter what. And this puts the River’s Edge on top of the podium when it boils down to serving its valued occupants. As they occupy the senior living abode to enjoy a life that is free of any stress or hustle. And every senior soul living at the River’s Edge savors the experience like nowhere else!

Professional & Skilled Senior Care

Knowing what seniors are important for seniors and their families is of paramount importance. And serving seniors and their family members over a sustained period of time has not only enabled River’s Edge’s people-friendly approach but also equipped them to deliver the best possible quality of life to all its senior residents.

Moreover, with years of service behind and updating the offering as per the fast-emerging needs and services expected by the evolved senior citizens always let River’s Edge skilled manpower anticipate the expected needs of aging adults. A trusted senior care provider offers a variety of services that are tailored to your needs. We are committed to providing quality care that will help you feel safe and secure.

Professional Senior Care Service

River’s Edge renders its services under the two distinct categories of Assisted Living and Senior Living. And to maintain what is committed to its esteemed seniors residing at its centre, River’s Edge keeps updating Senior as well as Assisted Living services with a slew of measures and activities as a daily routine, religiously.

Some of the standout and key routines services rendered by the River’s Edge to its senior residents to make sure they relish a sound, serene and healthy lifestyle, can be listed as follows:

Exercise Programs

The exercise programs are completely hushed up and customized activities organized keeping in mind the age factor of the seniors as it helps them in maintaining themselves in the best active physical conditions. These activities make seniors' bodies active by choosing from a variety of exercise alternatives that are suited to their talents and specific requirements.

Social Programs

A tranquil living mixed with skilled round-the-clock support staff and customized exercising activities to keep fit may be an ideal senior living. However, they also need a dedicated community to meet with new people and enjoy the assisted living facility in the best possible way while having good chances to meet new people by engaging in fun social events. And at River’s Edge – Assisted Living seniors to get to enjoy a good touch of social life as no one can live in isolation.

Healthcare Program

It’s a given fact that old age comes with certain associated health conditions, and River’s Edge leaves no stone unturned to make sure that medical condition does not play any kind of hindrance to its seniors. And accordingly, it offers a diverse healthcare program to make sure that the seniors are always in their best state of sociological, psychological and physiological health.

So, if you are looking for the most suitable senior living space in Arizona and especially in Yuma, please visit once before you decide. Located in the one of the prime locations in Yuma with best of civic services & amenities and sunniest neighbourhood, River’s Edge – Assisted Living shall be your ideal destination.


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