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Senior Living: Necessity, Compulsion or Need of the Time

Most seniors wish to live with their family members, as well as the home they have plenty of cherished memories and a bucket full of emotional attachments, as they age. Moreover, relocating to a new place always comes with a host of issues, besides the most challenging ones are physical and emotional.

Besides, the majority of the seniors are plain afraid of living beyond a place where they have lived, almost, their whole life since their childhood; and the friendly neighborhood splattered with various life moments with family, friends and community, alike. And the fear of the unknown is something that scares people of all ages, and when you come to face it in your senior years, it becomes more intense as a sense of helplessness and uncertainty grips the mind and body as there won’t be any familiar faces to count on, early on.

However, whether we accept it or not, human beings have come to a juncture, through an evolutionary process mixed with the fast-paced world, which has overwhelmed the current generations, especially those living in cities and metros, so that they find it difficult to spend enough time with their senior family members. Despite living in the same home, they barely get time to sit together and have meaningful conversations with their seniors.

And this has nothing to do with the fact that the younger generation don’t want to spend their lives with the seniors. But the fact is the way of living standard in countries like the USA where most people wish to live independently and self-paced (after graduating from senior school years) as per their professional commitments or personal choices. And the same is expected of them as soon as they graduate from high school. And this leads to a situation where senior living seems the best suitable alternative, whether they like it or not, to live their senior years.

According to the United States of America census data, there were 40.3 million people aged above 65 by the year 2010, which rose to 54.1 million by July 1, 2019. Moreover, 1it is estimated that by 20250, 20 percent of the US population will be over 65 years or older, says a statistical report by a US-based market and consumer data research firm. According to the market research firm Statista, aging is fast catching up with the US population. According to the report prepared in the year, 2021, 15.6 per cent US population was over 65 years of age and in the next three decades, the aging will touch 20 per cent as the current rate of growth.

Given the official population census mixed with the need of the time, despite seniors preferring to stay with their families, the fact remains that the senior citizens’ population going for senior living spaces is registering steady growth. And to mitigate the ever-growing demand for more and more senior living space, real-estate professional organizations and companies are coming up with senior living sets in well-thought-out places. These senior living spaces offer not only the standards but also the fully-customized services for the seniors.

The River’s Edge – Assisted Living to the River’s Edge website) is one such senior living facility -- located in Yuma, Arizona -- which is not only thoughtfully located in the region which is known as the sunniest city in the world. The region receives the maximum sunlight time and as one grows old one needs more sunshine in order to stay fit, healthy and active. And in winter, it helps seniors to keep themselves warm and escape from the shivering winters. All this goes a long way in serving seniors and allowing them to help maintain a relatively easy living even in chilly winters.

So, in the light of the prevailing scenarios across the world, senior living is not like families discarding their seniors to live in separate places, rather it’s an option for them to place their seniors to live at a safe place.

A place where they not only have all kinds of freedoms and belongingness with their kind of people and community but also somebody is always there to take care of any kind of help. So never feel alone. Moreover, senior living always keeps a comprehensive activity calendar for seniors as per their need, wish and requirement, keeping their age in mind.

Some of the engaging activities are reading & writing, higher learning, community service, cooking & baking, volunteering, music and dancing, pet therapy, pampering, gardening, crafting, walking & exercising, and various other recreational activities as per their suitability for the senior’s age. On top of it all, the senior living facilitators are always ready to include activities expected/demanded by the seniors living at the facility, which is very satisfying and welcoming for the seniors.

So, in light of the matter, the threadbare above clearly indicates that families and seniors at times wish themselves to live in such facilities and sending their seniors to live at the senior living facility is not a necessity of compulsion, rather it's more like a need of the time. And accordingly, senior living comes as one such comprehensive solution that is allowing seniors to have a life, which is balanced, stress-free and all-encompassing.

So, if you are looking for senior living in Arizona, especially in the Yuma region, please check out the River’s Edge – Assisted Living with the best of amenities with a friendly neighborhood and like-minded community. For more information, please visit Rivers Edge Yuma to check detailed information online or give us a physical visit at the Yuma facility.


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