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Things that Matter the Most for Seniors

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Some of the famous sayings ‘You are as old as you think', ‘Age is just a number' and ‘Age gracefully’ about getting old, aging, and turning to be senior citizens emphasize the fact that aging is not an end. Rather it’s another opportunity to work on the things that matter the most while one enters into a life where he/she becomes increasingly more self-conscious. As one enters into this phase in his/her journey of life, s/he becomes more conscious of some of the things to enjoy in their daily life which they might have missed while delivering professional, family and societal responsibilities.

However, post-retirement, one definitely needs certain things -- like Health, Relationship, Community, Food, Routine, Respect, Physical Activity, Comfort, Financial Security and Independence among others -- to focus upon as one might not have given enough thought and time around these things.

Moreover, the average life expectancy of US citizens has increased by 10 years since 1950, and people are living longer than earlier. Hence relatively longer life to live post-retirement. The average age of retirement in the US is 67 years. Since the people are living longer and, therefore, the living quality of these years has become more important.

And senior care facilities like – River’s Edge – Assisted Living among others in the US and in its neighborhood have become essential services that allow senior living not only a gratifying but peaceful senior year, which are filled with content and peace of mind and body. This has given rise to a great business opportunity for care services (independent living and assisted living) facilitators.

The success of the facilitators of senior living services depends on a host of facility management services essentially expected by the seniors living in the post-retirement home, centers, etc.


Health is one of the key factors for the seniors' post-retirement as being in good health allows them the freedom, independence and the ability to stay active. However, some of the age-related medical conditions -- like osteoporosis, arthritis, hearing impairment, and incontinence -- they suffer the most. And this makes it very essential for the senior caregivers to make sure to have the best medical facility available for the senior round the clock. Moreover, the nursing and other caregiving staff must be warm and empathetic to the seniors. How they are treated also matters the most as it gives assurance of peace of mind.


Maintaining sustained contact with their crucial family members, friends, and meeting and developing new people in the given community make senior life worth living post-retirement. And, therefore, it is of paramount importance to make sure they stay connected with them as and when they want. And the senior facilitators providing these services will enhance the quality of seniors, which is invaluable at any age.


People often don’t remain as dynamic about the food they eat as they used to be when they were young. With time they tend to become more selective and choosier about the food they like. And, accordingly, they must be provided with the food they like to enjoy the most and also make sure that these foods give them the best nutrition as per their need and requirement. Food is the main source of nutrition for the body that helps in maintaining a healthy body. A healthy body not only helps keep one fit but also allows seniors peace of mind and body.


As the seniors get almost all the time for themselves, they need a routine to keep themselves active and rearing to go. And, therefore, it’s very essential for senior care services facilitators to have a reasonable daily routine in place for the seniors. As this will help the seniors to maintain and control their life in a more meaningful way. A routine keeps them up to look for what is coming and that leaves no scope of feeling alone or having any confusion.


No matter what stage of life one is, people always aspire to be respected. And when one age, the respect for them becomes even more crucial as this makes them feel like they are commanding themselves and they give some value and are not completely useless. All senior citizens like being appreciated, honored and respected. And the same can be done through small gestures, like engaging in a small polite conversation, showing a little more warmth by shaking hands while meeting and addressing them with the title, they held during their professional engagements.


Moreover, the seniors need to build and develop relationships with others in their communities. And it can be done by participating in group activities, specialized events organized for them, or going out for some value-adding outings. Being in people’s company enhances the well-being and mental status of the seniors. Besides, it adds a sense of belonging to the seniors. It has been observed that the lack of the same sometimes increases the possibility of loneliness and falling into a state of depression.

Physical Activity

For seniors, it’s very difficult to stay active as they used to be in their younger self. However, a well-organized line of thought and set of activities are ever more important for them as the activities, suitable to their age and agility, make them unwind themselves. Whether they go for some sports activities, going for a small walk or engaging in exercise from their chair or free standing/sitting, physical activity is highly beneficial. The physical activities are associated with the releases of feel-good hormones that keep the health-related issue at bay while keeping mental health intact.

Financial Security

As people age, management of financial aspects becomes a kind of issue as they often cannot make sound decisions about their priorities and how much to invest or spend on what. And, accordingly, they need someone to assist them in the management of their money as per the priority they have. If not done so, the seniors can sometimes ignore their financial responsibilities and be left to regret the possible credit issues, which may become difficult to manage or handle, given their age factor.


Not all worldly comfort can replace the one who feels the level of comfort at their respective home. And, therefore, it should always be kept in mind how to provide the comfort of one’s home to the seniors living in assisted living. So, make sure the senior citizens are assured of the comfort of the home and this should be the top priority while extending senior care to them. Moreover, aging people spend a relatively long time indoors and thus physical comfort becomes increasingly more important to keep them safe as well as sound.


As is often can be observed, with age people at times struggle to completely take care of themselves and often find it difficult to complete their everyday tasks with ease. But this doesn’t mean that they need everything done for them, as they do have a varied degree and a sense of independence in them to maintain their self-esteem, and respect in theirs, as well as in others, eyes. The senior living care facilitator, through their humble staff, can emulate this by helping them to perform tasks with relative ease, which will enable them in holding their head high and preserving higher levels of self-esteem.

With a sizable number of serving the senior citizens (under the umbrella of River’s Edge – Assisted Living) has enabled River’s Edge to accumulate a wealth of knowledge as well as experience about the things that matter the most to the senior citizens. This has allowed us to provide and properly manage what seniors need the most post-retirement. Besides, River’s Edge is always not only committed to develop, build, service and manage the assisted living facilities offering very basic human beings' needs and requirements adhering to the quality of the highest standard but also open to new insight to improve it further.

For in-depth knowledge and information, please visit and find all the answers you might be looking for before you take your call to head for your ideal senior living in Arizona (in general) or in Yuma (in particular).


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