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Worried About Elderly Loved Ones? Read Our Winter Tips

Seniors must take extra precautions to ensure they are staying warm and comfortable as the weather drops and winter arrives. Age-related declines in the ability to regulate body temperature make it harder for elders to stay warm during the chilly winter months.

However, there are steps that may be taken to guarantee that elders are secure and comfortable during the winter.

  • Maintain a temperature comfortably warm, between 68 and 70 degrees.

  • Give the elderly socks and sweatpants, and cover their legs with a blanket.

  • The best approach for senior folks to stay warm in the cold is to dress in many warm layers. When heading outside, make sure the senior is wearing a hat, scarf, and gloves.

  • Seniors prefer electric blankets because they offer direct heat and can be adjusted to a certain temperature. Seniors should make sure the blanket is safe and functional, including any necessary safety features like an overheat protection button. It should be unplugged from the wall socket when not in use and kept in a secure location away from moisture and heat sources.

  • For elderly people who don't want to use an electric blanket or who don't have access to electricity in their beds, layering several blankets is another option.

  • Simple activities like playing a board game, completing a few quick chores around the house, or exercising while seated in a chair are all excellent methods to stay active and regulate body temperature. Elderly family members need our encouragement to try to get up and walk around in order to protect themselves from potential harm.

  • Seniors' windows and doors should be winterized before the cold season arrives.

  • Have the senior immediately change out of any moist or wet clothing.

  • It's an excellent option for elders to stay warm throughout the winter to have access to warm beverages. Decaffeinated herbal teas are an excellent choice for your older loved one because they taste great and have numerous health advantages.

  • By adding moisture to the air, humidifiers can cause the temperature to feel a few degrees warmer than it actually is. They are therefore excellent for seniors who live in colder areas when wintertime low temperatures are common. In addition, the increased humidity lessens the amount of dust mites and other pollutants that remain in the air, which also helps to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.


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