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Yuma: One of the Best Places to Live in Arizona

The county holds the Guinness World Records title of ‘The Sunniest City on Earth’

When it comes to living in a quaint place, offering the warming Sunrise and picturesque Sunset, then no place can beat the geographical advantages Yuma enjoys. Situated on the banks of the river Colorado in the state of Arizona, Yuma (surrounded with desert) is a peaceful county with temperate weather throughout the year.

The generously populated country, with over 61 per cent of the population is homeowners, is the current Guinness World Records title holder of the Sunniest City on Earth. The most striking aspect of the sparsely populated county is that it enjoys all the benefits of a small town while boasting of low cost of living with best of services and life support systems available at a relatively reasonable price.

It becomes even more pertinent to think about all the aspects mentioned above when you do the reality check for the safety and sanctity of elderly and senior citizens. They are prone to a variety of issues and problems. Besides, the majority of the population are young and are evenly distributed in a very organised manner, with characteristic features of a standard US country in terms of public and private infrastructures.

Now the question is, what is the cost of living and what are the advantages and benefits Yuma offers to its residents, especially to senior citizens?

Some of the dataset presented by the state department confirms the Yuma’s advantageous positioning in the state of Arizona are associated with cost of living (homeowners or house on rent), transport, statistics on crime, weather conditions and average age of population size.

Cost of Living:

According to state official data, owning a house in Yuma is very affordable as the numbers never lie. See for yourself, the average cost of owning a home in the Sunniest City on the Earth (lining the Colorado River) is only $156,300 while for the same home one will have to burn a hole, of about $231,200, in their pocket. As merely owning a home wouldn’t be enough as the cost of life supporting the system also needs to be fulfilled on recurrent basis, which skyrockets the overall cost of living.

Next comes the daily commute and monthly grocery procurement. According to the report, the transportation cost is fairly cheaper (fuel and bus fare) in Yuma as compared to neighbourhood states and the same make it a place more suitable to live in the state of Arizona. Same can be said about the availability of a wide variety of groceries, fruits and vegetables.

According to a recent study, the average cost of living in Yuma is 11.6 per cent lower than the US average.

Sun Shines All the Year Long:

Sun time is very essential for the people of all age groups and Yuma being the sunniest city of the Earth, enjoys 91 per cent of total daylight hours throughout the year.

Moreover, with comfortable mild temperature round the year coupled with least possible humidity make it an ideal place to live for. Besides, in the winters, nights in Yuma are cool but freezing cold nights are kind of rare here. And it further makes the place a good place to have home and live a comfortable life.

With July being the hottest month with average high and low temperature ranging between 107°F and 83°F, Yuma witness relatively hot season between June 1 to September 23 as the average high temperature hovers around 99°F. The cool season begins from November 21 and ends by February 21 with an average daily temperature remaining under 76°F. However, amid it all, Yuma witnesses its coldest month in December when the average daily low and high temperatures ferries between 49°F and 69°F.

So, barring the month of July, Yuma observes mild temperatures throughout the year which makes it a perfect living destination. And when it comes to tourists and occasional visitors, in the light of the given temperate weather conditions, late May to early July and from early September to early October are the best time to visit.

Crime a Rarity:

How liveable a city is, to a large extent, depends on the rate of crime. And on this account Yuma is perhaps the hand-down winner. According to a statistical data report, the city neighbourhood is very scarce in terms of crime as a physical crime happening to a citizen is 1 in 261. However, the same cannot be said about property-related crimes. According to the report, there is a possibility that 1 in 42 citizens become a victim of property-related crime.


Going by the deliberations so far, Yuma can rightfully be described as one of the best places to live in the state of Arizona. And the factors that go in its favour are the average cost of living when it comes to owning/renting a house, commuting to the neighbourhood and ready availability of reasonably priced groceries, fruits and vegetables.

With cool, temperate climatic conditions throughout the year (barring relatively harsh and hot summers in July) is like the icing on the cake and make it one of the most favourable dwelling destinations despite the Yuma being mostly arid. Last but not the least, the relatively lesser number of crimes make it the best place to live, especially for the aged and senior citizens.

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