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Independent Living

Around 150-200 independent living facilities are spread across Arizona. Arizona’s healthy and energetic seniors enjoy independent living since the state’s living communities are constantly updating their standards for elder care to provide exceptional service for retired people.


While independent living facilities do not provide

personal care services such as bathing, eating, and dressing assistance, the elderly can get help with transportation, housekeeping, and making meals. These communities also have a plethora of social activities.


Some independent living facilities in Yuma, Arizona are located around hospitals, 

stores, restaurants, and churches that make the life easy for elderly people around there. Arizona also offers senior living apartments for rent. The rent of the place depends on the location which you chose. Yuma offers such rented facilities at a very affordable price. These places are made by keeping in mind the requirements of elderly people and to have ease in their day-to-day routine. All the places have safety precautions and they also offer leisure activities and convenient services. There are fitness centers, community pools, movie theatres, and more for residents to entertain themselves.

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